From 2021-2024, KORO Public Art Norway's project STUDIO at KMD will explore studio practices and work processes in fine art, music and design.


KORO Public Art Norway's project STUDIO is part of the public art production for the Faculty's new building in Møllendalsveien 61. Its processual form connects to the installation Ephemerality – A Permanent Collection, unveiled when the building opened in 2017. STUDIO will explore studio practices, workspaces and work processes in fine art, music and design. The project aims to create collaborations across disciplines at KMD and between KMD and professional art practices, institutions and the public. Throughout history, studios have framed individual practices, teaching, professional and public exchanges.

STUDIO is curated by Merete Røstad and Hild Borchgrevink. At KORO Public Art Norway, STUDIO is headed by curator Nora C. Nerdrum. At KMD, STUDIO has a working group with members from all departments.

STUDIO (studio)

In STUDIO (studio), students from Bergen School of Architecture (BAS) and KMD explore studios as physical, social, private and public spaces. The course series is led by the artists Eamon O'Kane and Sveinung Unneland from KMD and architect Espen Folgerø from BAS.

STUDIO(studio) in progress at BAS autumn 2021. © S. Unneland

STUDIO Residency

In STUDIO Residency, the three departments (Fine arts, Music and Design) at KMD can invite artists, professionals and partners from Bergen, Norway and abroad to participate in STUDIO through a month's resicency in Bergen.

STUDIO Residency 3: Stine Janvin
October 10-11 2022 and further stays
Partner: GA's Jazz Course for Girls, Department of Music KMD

STUDIO Residency 2: Imi Maufe
March 14 - April 10 2021
Partner: Bergen Atelier Group, Department of Design KMD

STUDIO Residency 1: Mark Fell
November 2-20 2021
May 2-18 2022
Partner: BEK, STUDIO at KMD

STUDIO R3: Stine Janvin. ©J. Kettner

STUDIO R 2: Imi Maufe at KMD Rom 61. ©Imi Maufe

STUDIO R1: Mark Fell at BEK. ©N. Leite


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