Image caption: Kristian Zarthmann: Adam i Paradis, painting 1913

DATES (with) Art, Politic and History wants to be a theory program that questions and challenges the linearity of time as well as the hierarchy and the ways in which knowledge may be inscribed and circulated. Each date (+/- 4 years) is treated as a point of reference but also as a moment of friction in History when “events” took place in various disciplines.

Tuesday 19th of April, the contributors are: 

  • 4 pm     Kiyoshi Yamamoto (based in Bergen)
    On Frida Hansen, textile pioneer
  • 5 pm    Manuela de Barros (based in Paris) 
    Art féminism and politics in 1913 
  • 6 pm    Kjersti Sundland (based in Bergen)  
    Etheric Ocean
  • 7 pm    Rakel Haslund-Gjerrild (based in Copenhagen) 
    Writing 1913 - new historical fiction
  • Distractions: Frans Jacobi; Facilitation: Ingrid Cogne 

Wednesday 20th of April, the situation is:

  • 5 – 7 pm    For this DATE, the ambition is to challenge linearity and hierarchy in the ways in which knowledge performs or is performed. Taking as points of references the 4 contributions, we – everybody in the room – will engage in creating / be responsible of a situation of meeting and exchange, curiosity and generosity to re-activate, reflect upon, maybe expand the year 1913 (+/- 4 years). 

    Let’s queer/rock/shake with 1913, all together!

    Facilitation: Ingrid Cogne, Frans Jacobi, and Axel Andersson (based in Stockholm) 

The upcoming date is:  
2011 – Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st of May 2022

Curated by Ingrid Cogne and Frans Jacobi, for the the Art Academy, KMD, University of Bergen.