In conversation: Peter McCaughey (Glasgow), Julia Collura (London) & Richard Launder (London/Bergen)

A visual & spoken dialogue will be developed around the focus of what is art in urban context?

The artist driven phenomena in our cities, the long running art research project at the Academy: AIUC

Whose space is Public Space - who controls it - why/how?

'How Much Space Does a Bicycle Take?' - equivalencies with Art?

Activist potentials/requirements or invisbility: Art Strategies?

These questions & more will be discussed, comments made, no answers given.

Peter, Julia & Richard are core members of this Art research project, together with Jefford Horrigan (Monday Lecture upcoming on 19 February 2018) & Ben Parry (guest artist later this semester) AIUC runs weeks 7/8, base: rooms 204/206.

Image Credit: A Hut for Ø, Richard Launder 2016