For his research, titled Tipping Points, Ham has developed new electronic music instruments and performances based on chaotic processes. This concert is the artistic result of the research.

"Even when the chaos takes hold, even in the midst of a collapse, there remains a sliver of sense, a sliver of the underlying system. It is precisely there that the aesthetic appeal of chaos emerges. The listener is now confronted with a mirage. There is an unnerving sense of an unfolding logic that is perpetually just out of reach. It shimmers on the horizon, enticing, compelling one to explore just a little further. But as one approaches, the pattern dissolves and morphs into a new sign of potential, be it again, just beyond reach. A semblance of order that collapses under inspection, only to reappear again in the distance. It is exactly this seductive movement that puts the listener to work. Chaos rejects a passive listening to… and favors a form of listening that mines the sonic behaviors for meaning, hidden within the mirage. The puzzlement of randomness is exchanged for curiosity and wonder."

Featuring collaborations with:
Carmen Bóveda (Cello)
Sergej Tchirkov (Accordion)
Kjetil Møster (Saxophone & Electronics)
Roald van Dillewijn (Electronics)

In collaboration with nyMusikk Bergen