Tonight we´ll dive into the collaborative aspects of the research as well as proposing possible tools for counteraction to the current crises. It will as usual be a manifold of works: video, performance, music, lecture and debate.

Artist Michelle Teran will talk about her film Dignity, that portraits a house occupation on the outskirts of Madrid. She will also present the Obra Social Manual; a manual for social action, that she used as a conceptual script for the film.

Matthias Loose will perform a new musical composition and an audience-participatory act will be fuelled by Cava.

CONGLOMERATE is the last talkshow in the series and we will attempt an overview and revisit a few of the highlights of the earlier shows. Again, we will present the large-scale woodcut ‘Another World is necessary’ by Thomas Kilpper and the embroidery ‘Covered in Mud and Slime’ by the Dante-group.

CONGLOMERATE contains a moment of self-critical reflection: On the basis of a series of never-send-emails, we attempt a glimpse into the often frustrating machinery of institutionalized artistic collaboration. What happened and what did not happened? And Why?

At the very end Frans Jacobi will close the talkshow series with the a short performance ‘Grey Hair Mask’.

Talkshow hosts: Dante & Vergil (Åse Løvgren & Frans Jacobi)

In connection with the CONGLOMERATE talkshow we are screening the whole film DIGNITY by Michelle Teran. The screening takes place at Knut Knaus Auditorium, KMD at 13:00. The film is 90 minutes and Michelle Teran will be present to introduce the film and discuss it afterwards.

During its 3 year research Synsmaskinen have been investigating 7 different large scale political crises:
Crisis of Perception, Crisis of Democracy/Representation, Social Crisis, Financial Crisis, Climate Crisis, Cultural/Religious Crisis, Housing Crisis

The research consists of a series of art projects, each exploring a certain aspect or manifestation of one of these crises. An important point though, is that these crises are connected and might even be understood as interconnected manifestations of the same global crisis. From the outset Synsmaskinen was intended as a collaborative effort; we understand the concept of conglomerate as such – an uneven ensemble of investigations, creating a common understanding of the crises influencing us.

The talkshow series are hosted by Dante & Vergil. In the Divine Comedy they were guiding the readers through hell and purgatory. This time they will guide us through the machinations of contemporary crisis.

You are all welcome!

Free entrance!

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