Music in great surroundings! Ice Music Festival offers concert and event in spectacular constructions that will give you a vert unique experience. In the igloos, which are made with natural snow, the artists are invited to decorate one iglo each that has the maximum capacity of 20 persons.

The main stage is made by students from KMD and Petter Bergerud. Every year Petter makes a new and unique design for the arena with his students. The arena becomes a combination of architecture, sculpture and music arena and has the capacity of 400 persons.

For the very first time there will be a climate science and a children’s play park. Here, Professor Kerim H. Nisancioglu and his fellow scientists from the world renowned Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research will let you know how they work in the field.

For creating the event, Ice Music Festival collaborate closely with Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research and the Faculty of art, music and design.