Susan Schuppli’s public lecture focuses on the body of research and work developed through the “Learning from Ice” project, which includes a documentary film shot in the Canadian Ice Core Archive and a US geochemistry lab (2019), followed by research into the changing conditions of sea ice and glacial retreat in the Svalbard Arctic Archipelago (2020). In October 2021 she conducted fieldwork and related activities in the Zanskar region of the Himalayas with glaciologist Dr. Farooq Azam and Faiza Khan. This new work which she will highlight, combines scientific and artistic approaches to climate change by developing acoustic and aural methodologies in cryospheric research. Through the deployment of various situated “listening” practices, the project brought scientific research, local experiences, and inter-general knowledge of glaciers together.

The lecture is presented by BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts in collaboration with the artistic research project «Illuminating the Non-Representable» at KMD led by Professor Hilde Kramer.