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Exhibition: Odd New Spring. Work by designer and PhD student Siren Elise Wilhelmsen

The Tower Hall, The University Museum, Natural History, 7-16 June, 2024.
Work by designer and PhD student Siren Elise Wilhelmsen 

Opening hours:
Saturday 8. June: 10-16
Sunday 9. June: 11-17
Tuesday-Friday 11.- 14. June: 12-16
Saturday 15. June: 10-16
Sunday 16. June 11-17

The exhibition presents the artistic results of the doctoral project "Odd New Spring – Towards emerging Landscapes and a Reorientation in Design Practice", which Siren Elise Wilhelmsen has developed at the Department of Design, Faculty of Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen.

On display in the Tower hall, are experimental studies and material outcomes of the work with a group of alien and unwanted plants. Through an open and surprising approach, the prevailing perception of these plants as harmful species is challenged, and the relationship with them is set up against sustainability, production, consumption, and the management of natural resources from our local landscapes. Wilhelmsen has explored these conditions, and the possibilities for change, through mapping, observation, dialogues, and knowledge exchange across disciplines, as well as a number of plant and material studies. The aim has been to investigate methods and strategies for a place-based design practice, as well as the designer's role as a communicator and developer of positive future scenarios and sustainable material culture. The plants carry stories from different places and times, which weave together past and future in the work, and form a canvas to reflect on connections and relationships in the present. "Odd New Spring" invites the public to engage beyond the consideration of the physical objects and appeals to a new type of interaction with the plants and landscapes.

The University Museum's natural history building already contains a multitude of stories about relationships between humans and the living species around us, about climate, landscape and life in change. In the extension of this legacy, the exhibition wishes to unite science, artistic practice, and the general public, through an experimental dissemination of knowledge. The location in The Tower Hall, originally built as a gallery for the museum's art collection, underlines this purpose and forms a suitable setting for the display. It also offers a unique opportunity to experience this space, which is usually only available to the public at events.

"Odd New Spring" presents the doctoral project's artistic results as a whole for the first time. The exhibition consists of materialized formulations, dialogues, comments and proposals, which collectively represent "the odd new spring". 

Opening day:

Friday 7.juni at 18:00–20:00

Opening speeches by Head of Department of Design at KMD Mona Larsen, Director of The University Museum Kari Loe Hjelle, as well as an introduction to the exhibition by Siren Elise Wilhelmsen.