Lost in translation or found in translation?

Kalpourgan is a women-led village located in the south of Iran and is known as the only living pottery museum in the world. The art of potteries in Kalpourgan dates to 7000 years ago and women still create potteries out of dust and mud, using only their hands, exactly the same way as their ancestors did. In August 2022, artifacts from Kalpourgan, the only living pottery museum of the world are carried across to be shown in Bergen.

Madihe Gharibi's exhibition in Rom61 follows her residency at USF in the period 2021/2022. Every year The Art Academy – Department of Contemporary Art makes its studio at USF Verftet available free of charge to a student at the institute who has completed a 3-year bachelor's degree or a 2-year master's degree.

The exhibition Carry across is a collaboration between Madihe Gharibi and Sajad Abadi

Madihe Gharibi (b.1995, Iran) is an artist based in Bergen, Norway. She has completed a Master's program in Fine Art at the Art Academy of Bergen and had been working as a playwright and theatre director in Iran. Gharibi’s practice is based on time-based and live art, and storytelling is at the core of her works.

Sajad Abadi (b.1991, Iran) is a lens-based artist based in Tehran, Iran. He started his career in 2010 as an experimental photographer and currently is studying photography at the University of Tehran. Self-expression is at the core of his work, and he works with the concept of the archive and human relations.