The third year art students, Moana Le Meur and Gabrielle Lacoste from Nantes School of Fine Arts, has spent the autumn semester 2021 at KMD. 
– We came because of the weaving facilities. In our school in Nantes we don´t have weaving facilities. Here at KMD we have learned new techniques we didn't even know about and the facilities are excellent. In fact, we wish we could stay longer in Bergen. We would both have liked to stay for a year!

Click through the photo series to see what Gabrielle og Moana worked with during their exchange

While in Bergen Gabrielle Lacoste have been working on a project on weaving which is as she puts it 99 percent political. She is originally from Chile and is working on an embroidery technique from her home country, where she makes fabric from scratch, a form of embroidery called “arpillera” which was used during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile. Moana Le Meur on the other hand has been working on a project connected to intimacy, with a pattern for print on bed sheets.
– Most art schools are classical, at The Art Academy at KMD we found a more contemporary approach. We go back to France filled with new ideas and techniques!

If you want to do as Moana and Gabrielle, and spend a semester in Bergen, apply for exchange at Faculty of art, music and design at the University of Bergen. We can't wait to meet you!

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