Lighting is imperative to the way we experience spaces. With its mixture of organic and geometric shapes, the MELLOW Lamp has a playful visual language. The shade consists of birch veneer slats, they capture the light and create beautiful shadows on adjacent surfaces. The lamp lives up to its name, creating a comfortable and cosy ambience. You are invited to stay a while, enjoy the time and atmosphere. Designer: Trine Busengdal / Photo by Tiril Hjelmeland

The 15 students from KMD are exhibiting their objects and furnitures at the Greenhouse, which is the international platform for up-and-coming young designers. The rumor is that several Greenhouse designers have made their breakthroughs as a result of the fair that attracts professional visitors from over 100 countries. 

RE: ordinary is described by the 15 participating design students from KMD as "A reevaluated look at the ordinary / the traditional / the familiar / the old / the obsolete.

This year’s exhibition puts an emphasis on looking back in order to look forward. This can take the form of blowing new life into an old idea, reimagining an object that has remained unchanged for a long time, or setting a new precedence for something as simple as a stool. Looking to the past for all its merits, while critically bringing the idea into the future."

Design students from KMD that participate in the 2023 Stockholm Furniture Fair: Simon Sviggum, Christopher H. Sørensen, Ingvild Litlere, Ronja Reigstad, Miriam Sleire, Marie Viola Fjelde, Anna Schmideder, Trine Busengdal, Frida Øster, Evan Knudsen, Njål Thunhold Hatteberg, Elias Henriksen, Malin Haugland, Naoki Mizukami, Taran Neckelmann.

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Stockholm Furniture Fair, 7-11 februar 2023   

Designer: Simon Sviggum
SLC-001 pays tribute to the traditional scandinavian lounge chairs while moving towards the future with its dramatic lines and production method. Honest materials like solid ash and norwegian wool is meant to give the user a sense of nostalgic calmness created by its simplicity. Designer: Simon Sviggum. Foto: Tiril Hjelmeland
Designer: Ingvild Litlere
VÆRE is designed to create a visual and functional break from everyday life. The stool is designed to help the user be present in the moment through prayer, meditation or mindfulness. Designer: Ingvild Litlere. Foto: Tiril Hjelmeland
Designer: Marie Viola Fjelde
RYE is a lamp made from discarded wood scraps. This concept is based on ”filleryer”. ”Filleryer” is an norwegian word, and refers to an old endangered weaving technique. Designer: Marie Viola Fjelde. Foto: Tiril Hjelmeland