Photo: Panos Aprahamian 

With the focus on relationships between music creation, music performance and music technology, the Intellect of Sound Symposium, seeks to investigate the intersection between traditional forms of music creation and performance with those assisted by music technology.

Alongside the international speakers, group composition workshops with composition students from the Grieg Academy will be a main part the Symposium.  All events are free and open to the public.

In this context, two special concerts will occur at 8 PM on June 24 and June 25 at the Grieg Academy, featuring some of the most prominent groups for contemporary music and music technology in the world including the Neue Vocalsolisten and Experimentalstudio.

Many of the invited composers have integrated traditional forms of music production into a technology-based compositional framework:
Marta Gentillucci has looked into applying computational analysis methods of the voice within an extended technological framework. Samir Odeh–Tamimi integrates elements of Palestinian ritual singing with electronic processes into his works while Örjan Sandred has explored relationships between musicians’ body movements caught on video, composition and Artificial Intelligence.

These composers, along with Dániel Péter Biró, principle investigator of the Sounding Philosophy project of the Norwegian Artistic Research Program, will work together with composition students from the Grieg Academy, the members of the Neue Vocalsolisten, Ingela Øien from the BIT20 Ensemble, percussionists Jonny Axelsson, Craig Farr and Trond Dale, choreographer Hagit Yakira, PhD fellows in Artistic Research Sergej Tchirkov and Tijs Ham as well as the SWR Experimentalstudio. The symposium presents concerts, colloquia, interviews, lectures and workshops to students as well as to the larger public. 

Thursday, June 23, 2022
10:00: Gunnar Sævigs sal: 
Open Rehearsal with Hagit Yakira (UiS), Dániel Péter Biró (UiB), the Neue Vocalsolisten and the Experimentalstudio with Hagit Yakira and Dancers in Stavanger and Neue Vocalsolisten and Experimentalstudio in Bergen (trans-city collaboration via the internet)

11:30 Coffee Break

12:00: Room 206: Presentation 1: Trond Lossius
As place flows through me

12:30: Room 206: Maria Rusinovskaya
around which dissonant satellites cluster

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Room 206: Composition Course with Samir Odeh Tamimi and Dániel Péter Biró

14:00: Vaktmesterbolig: Composition Course with Marta Gentilucci

17:00: Dinner
19:00: Open Rehearsal:  Marta Gentilucci’s As Far as the Eye Can See with Marta Gentilucci, Craig Farr and the SWR Experimentalstudio 

Friday, June 24, 2022:

9:30: Room 206: Maria Mjaaland Sele
A Philosophical Dialogue About Music

10:00: Prøvesalen: Workshop: Juan Vassalo with Guillermo Anzorena

11:30: Coffee Break

12:00: Prøvesalen: Workshop: Alexander Fiske Fosse with Neue Vocalsoliste

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Room 206: Presentation 3: Samir Odeh Tamimi:
Das eigene und das Fremde und doch ist alles fremd 
(The Familiar and the Strange and in Actuality Everything is Strange)

14:30: Room 206: Presentation 4: Dániel Péter Biró:
Parametrical Translation and Transformation in Asher Hotesti Etkhem (Who Brought You Out of Land)  

15:00: Room 206: Presentation 5: Juan Vassallo
Versificator: Simbolic Music Resynthesis via Stochastic Methods and AI

15:30: Room 206: Coffee Break

16:00: Gunnar Savigs sal: Open Rehearsal with Samir Odeh Tamimi: Jarich

17:00: Dinner

20:00: Studio A: Concert 1:
Örjan Sandred Mimétisme for percussion, video and live electronics 
Marta Gentilucci As far as the Eye Can See for percussion and live-electronics 
Carlos Perales Il Sogno dell'Angelo for accordion and live-electronics (World Premiere)
Ljubov Katerli Mirror for accordion and live-electronics 
Tijs Ham Physeter (In Pursuit of the Mirage) audio-visual performance with live-electronics 
Thomas Kessler Accordion Control for accordion and live-electronics 

Sergej Tchirkov, accordion
Craig Farr, percussion
Jonny Axelsson, percussion
Tijs Ham, Ljubov Katerli, live-electronics
SWR Experimentalstudio, live-electronics, Tim Abramczik, Lukas Nowok, Detlef Heusinger, sound direction

Saturday, June 25, 2022:

10;00: Room 206: Presentation 7: Marta Gentilucci
Vocal Vibrato and Poetic Text

10:30: Room 206: Presentation 8: Detlef Heusinger in Discussion with Dániel Péter Biró

11:00: Room 206: Coffee Break

11:30: Room 206: Presentation 9: Örjan Sandred: 
Music - Beyond Sound

12:00: Room 206: Presentation 8: Sergej Tchirkov: 
(Un)-fixed gesture: On the gestural aspect of an instrumental performance with fixed media

12:30: Room 206: Presentation 2: Tijs Ham:
The Mirage

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Vaktmesterbolig: Composition Course with Detlef Heusinger

14:00: Room 206: Composition Course with Örjan Sandred 

18:00: Dinner

19:30: Gunnar Sævigs sal: Pre-Concert Round Table Discussion 

20:00: Gunnar Sævigs sal: 
Detlef Heusinger: Verblendung for bass-flute, accordion and live-electronics
Marta Gentilucci: Auf die Lider for soprano, percussion and live-electronics
Samir Odeh Tamimi: Jarich for three voices and electronics
Samir Odeh Tamimi: VROS for three voices and electronics
Dániel Péter Biró: Asher Hotseti Etkhem for five voices and electronics

Trond Dale, Percussion
Ingela Øien, flute
Sergej Tchirkov, Accordion
Neue Vocalsolisten
Dániel Péter Biró, SWR Experimentalstudio, live- electronics,
Tim Abramczik, Lukas Nowok, Detlef Heusinger, sound direction 

The aims of the The Intellect of Sound Symposium for Electronic Music are threefold:
(i) to foster artistic research-based higher music performance education

ii) to enhance students’ abilities to learn and perform a diverse selection of contemporary music with technology from around the world through new works created by students as well as by world-renowned composers and (ii) to enhance participants’ abilities to learn about contemporary music through performance with world-class guest ensembles and experts in music technology

(iii) to present the results of the collaboration to the community via concerts, seminars, involving community members in an open exchange of ideas about composition and reflection, the place and meaning of new music in an age of globalized aesthetic and technological innovation. 

The Intellect of Sound Symposium is part of the artistic research project Sounding Philosophy and is supported by the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen, the Norwegian Artistic Research Program, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Centre for Excellence in Music Performance Education.