Nomadic Dialogues -Telavåg

The feeling of living in coherence with a historically anchored place is arguably challenged by the onset of globalisation, migration, tourism and social media. Over the last decades, these conditions have influenced and contributed to a growing sense of displacement and alienation in Europe. It is no longer uncomplicated to acknowledge a belonging to a place, a group or a nation. As we move towards the first quarter of the third millennium, the impermanent and shifting influence of globalisation, economic division, migratory encounters and the divide between north and south, create a sense of instability, ideological conflict and threat. The notion of belonging to a place seems ambiguous and increasingly contradictory. The most fundamental contradictions, perhaps, consists in the tension between the universalising forces of global modernity and the autonomy of the local community or society.

Nomadic Dialogues -Telavåg will through the violent history of the remote village of Televåg, seek to explore the narratives of place and belonging. This dialogue will be distinctly interdisciplinary and places concepts such as landscape, space and topography in play with, for example, cosmopolitanism, ecology, identity, urbanisation and homeland.

In collaboration with Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at The University of Bergen, Nomadic Dialogues - Telavåg is a week event starting with talks, reflections, and lectures on Monday the 12th of November. A two day field trip to the village of Telavåg, and finally a showing of sketches, works and proposals in the gallery Rom61.

Planned activities-Preliminary schedule: 
Monday 12th
10:00     Opening words – Professor Johan Sandborg
10:15     On Citizenship; Public Sphere; Globalisation; Politics of Diversity, Mobility, and Identity.
Hakan Gurcan Sicakkan - Professor Department of Comparative politics. 

11:15     Composing Spinoza’s Ethics: Charting a Migration of Spirit Through Sound
Dániel Péter Biró - Associate Professor, The Grieg Academy – Department of Music

12:00     Lunch
13:00      Between imaginary boundaries
Marija Miloshevska - performing artist and designer

14:00    Presentation of Nomadic Dialogues Arendalsuka. 
15:00     Discussion CCFT core researchers 
19:00     Gathering dinner 

Tuesday 13th
9:00 - 16:00 Field trip Telavåg  
11:00 - 12:00 Tour "The North Sea Maritime Museum"   viewing of film                                      
Lunch 12:00
13:00 - 17:00 Individual or small group exploration of surroundings
19:00 - "Nomadic Dinners" 
Joint dinner with Nomadic Structures -ProtoStudio Workshop
Department of Fine Art. Course administrator Professor Eamon O'Kane.
Wednesday 14th
9:00 - 16:00 Field trip Telavåg 
Individual or small group exploration of surroundings
Thursday 15th 
Group discussions and preparation for Rom61 event
Friday 16th
Gallery event at Rom61 - TBA