The Faculty Director is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Administration at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD).

Support of Eduaction, Research and Dissemination Section

The section is made up by three groups; Group for Support of Education; Group for Support of Research and Organized Research Training; and Group for Support of Communication, Dissemination and Production. The section is headed by Assistant Faculty Director Eli Neshavn Høie.


Group for Support of Education

Key tasks:

  • Recruitment of students
  • Admissions
  • Follow-up and development of the Faculty's study program
  • Teaching schedule planning
  • Assessment and examination
  • International education collaborations
  • Guidance and follow-up of students
  • Continuing education
  • Practice coordination
  • Quality work

Hilde Skare, Group coordinator
Steffen Christensen Bekkelund, Higher Executive Officer, Musicology and Postgraduate Teacher Training (PPU) in Music Performance
Sara Bjørneset, Senior Executive Officer, Fine Art
Birthe Berven Dahle, Senior Executive Officer, Integrated Master's Programme in Music Therapy
Mona Størseth Emmerhoff, Higher Executive Officer, exams- and scheduleplanner
Kristine Vinje Haukaas, Higher Executive Officer, BA and MA Music Performance or Composition
Eystein Sandstø Kvam, Senior Executive Officer, Admissions
Trude Mathiesen, Higher Executive Officer, Design
Ingjald Selland, Adviser, Coordinator of study administration systems
Tale Vik, Adviser, International Coordinator

Group for Support of Research and Organized Research Training

Key tasks:

  • Documentation, reporting and evaluation of the faculty's research
  • Secretariat for the Research Committee
  • Follow-up of the Faculty's organized research training
  • Support in application processes and development of projects
  • Support for external research cooperation (BOA)
  • Support for International cooperation in research and organized research training

Kjerstin Tønseth, Senior Adviser, Group Coordinator
Dagfinn Bach, Research Adviser
Sol Sneltvedt, Research Adviser
Anne-Len Thorsen, Research Adviser

Group for Support of Communication, Dissemination and Production

Key tasks:

  • Web editor of the faculty's website
  • Content production to the faculty's various media channels, such as web sites and social media
  • Strategic communication
  • Advising on communication matters
  • Media relations
  • Co-responsibility for programming, curating, audience development, planning and producing concerts, exhibitions and other events

Mia Kolbjørnsen, Communications Adviser, Group Coordinator
Anette Andersen, Communications and production consultant 
Gard Andreas Frantzsen, Communications Adviser
Jane Sverdrupsen, Communications consultant (50%), including documentation of artistic research (20%)
Olav Tveitane, Producer
Hilde Kvalvaag, Communications Adviser (50%) from the Communication Division at UiB.

Workshops and Technical Support Section

Key tasks:

  • Photography
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Experiment workshop
  • Ceramics and clay
  • Electronic and digital media
  • Textiles (weaving)
  • Textiles (textile printing)
  • Printmaking
  • Piano technique
  • Sound engineering

People (Workshop Technicians and Engineers):
Fredrik M. Salhus, Model workshop 
Signe Halle, Textile, textile printing
Kari Merete Paulsen, Textile, textile weave
Odd Melseth, Printmaking
Nathan Corum, Photography
Øivind Eide, Wood
Kristian Skjold, Wood and Metal
Svein Orrebakken, Metal
Arthur Hureau, Digital and electronic media
Sven Schumann, Piano Engineer
Davide Bertolini, Sound Engineer

Tor-Atle Elvsås, Maintenance Technician


KMD's first-line services

Key Tasks:

  • Point of contact
  • Reception of students, employees and guests
  • Simpler administrative procedures related to education and economy
  • Daily operating functions

Rebeca Torres, Executive Officer
Lene Seim, Executive Officer
Sara Julie Mo Dressel, Executive Officer

Employees from the central administrative divisions at UiB

Faculty of Fine Art, Music and design receives services from central divisions at UiB, by employees that have their work place at the Faculty.

Division of Human Resources
Vidar Lidtun, Senior Adviser
Linda Opshaug, Adviser
Kamila Cholti, Senior Executive officer

Financial Services
Øivind Skaar, Senior Adviser
Ingunn Alvseike, Adviser
Marianne Lohne, Higher Executive Officer

Communication Division
Hilde Kvalvaag, Communications Adviser (50%)