Master in Design exhibition 2023:

MA in Design

About the Master's Programme in Design

Image above: The MA exhibition in Design 2023, Hannah Sorrell. Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum

The Master’s Programme in Design is an interdisciplinary study programme that allows design students to immerse themselves more deeply in a self-chosen topic.   

Your application for the MA programme consists of a description of your future master’s project at the department. This consists of a more extensive, independent and experimental design project you will work with throughout the two years until your final exam.

An essential part of the MA curriculum is based on professional dialogue and discussions with other design students and tutors. You will also be introduced to new and stimulating professional meeting places, and you will often work across established professional boundaries.

Your daily life as an MA student consists of independent work and work in smaller groups, lectures, courses and workshops. The Department of Design admits a small group of master’s students every year, allowing for close contact between academic staff and students.

Periodically, you will present your project orally and in writing, and learn how to convincingly talk and write about your work. Exhibitions will be held in connection with semester assessments. Here you will also have the opportunity to develop your skills in visual and oral communication.

Your studies will allow you to explore the role of designer. You will also gain important experience in what creates momentum and brings creativity to project collaborations with other designers and design users. This helps you lay the foundation for managing larger design projects.

Our Master’s Programme in Design has an international profile. The language of instruction is English and the student body is composed of different nationalities. As a master’s student you have a good chance of entering an exchange student programme, also to institutions abroad. Since the exchange programme is an integrated part of your studies, you will not be delayed in your study progress.

The study programme concludes with a larger public exhibition.


Graduation Exhibition 

At the end of the second year the students present their work at an exhibition organized by the Department of Design. Click below to see more about the most recent exhibition.

Alumni works

An alternative to Death
Unseen Athletes
The Presence of Absence
The Packaging Lab
Kanten mot havet


Much learning in design subjects is achieved by thinking with your hands. The department has a number of workshops where you will be trained in using the necessary tools – everything from a Risograph to a laser cutter to a wood milling machine. Here you can experiment and explore the properties and qualities of the materials. This is an arena for experiential knowledge, such as the relationship between wood and sound, or paper and light.

A total of 32 workshops are housed at Møllendalsveien 61. Every workshop has a workshop technician with special expertise in the tools and equipment/machines provided.

Incubator for Young Designers

The Bergen Design Incubator is a collaboration between Bergen Municipality, UiB and USF to call attention to and bolster the design expertise in the region. Here, recent graduates have the opportunity to establish their own business and come into contact with businesses and other key actors. The Incubator is located at USF Verftet, an art arena which houses a number of enterprises working within design, film and other cultural industries.

Among other things, participants in the Incubator receive a subsidised, furnished work space and access to a stimulating professional environment and an extended network.

Applications can be submitted by anyone who has completed the equivalent of a master’s degree in relevant subject areas from recognised educational institutions at home or abroad during the last three years. Maternity leave, periods of illness and similar will be taken into account. You must have a concrete idea for establishing a professional design-related enterprise or carrying out a design-related project. You must also be a resident of Bergen during your time at the Design Incubator.

Former designers who have been allotted a work space in the Incubator include graphic designer and illustrator Torp Torpe, STUDIO BOI, furniture designers Vera Kleppe and Åshild Kyte (Vera & Kyte), furniture designer Morten Skjærpe Knarrum, visual communicator Sunniva Storlykken Helland, and illustrator Åshild Kahnstad Johnsen.

Exchange programmes

Incoming exchange students: If you are interested in applying to the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design as an exchange student, see our pages for Student Exchange at

Do you want to know more about exchanging at the Faculty of Art, Music and Design abroad? Go to the site for students (only in Norwegian).

For any requests about exchanging, contact Tale Vik, International Coordinator at KMD.