Photo above: Magne Sandnes 

Our master’s programme offers two basic courses of study: main instrument or composition, and project work. Project work is divided into three sub-projects and allows for specialisation in one or more self-chosen topics within the student’s own performing or creative field of interest. Projects are designed to support the student’s performing/creative work by raising awareness about and reflecting on musical issues. Much leeway is given to choice of different forms of documentation, depending on the project’s particular subject matter (oral or digital presentation).

Teaching takes place in the form of individual lessons in the student’s main instrument/project, and in seminars. Seminars are founded on open, interactive group discussions and address questions related to working methods, use of sources and issues concerning relevant topics in the students’ work.

Topics can focus on such issues as interpretation, performance practice, style, musical understanding/analysis, improvisational methods, aesthetics, instrumental techniques, oral traditions, collaboration between composer and performer, the study of historical recordings, experimental exploration, cross-over projects and psychological or social issues related to musical performance and composition.

Because our master’s programme attracts many students from abroad, English is used as the main language in some group contexts. In addition to instruction by our highly qualified faculty members, Norwegian and international guests are invited to host seminars and master classes. As a master’s student, you have the opportunity to go on an exchange programme at a foreign institution, and you can apply for financial support in connection with your project and master’s exam concert. A completed master’s degree qualifies you to apply for the Artistic Research Programme.

Exchange Programme

Incoming exchange students: If you are interested in applying to the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design as an exchange student, see our pages for Student Exchange at

Do you want to know more about exchanging at the Faculty of Art, Music and Design abroad? Go to the site for students (only in Norwegian).

For any requests about exchanging, contact Tale Vik, International Coordinator at KMD.