Works & Productions

I Am the State
Exotic Dreams and Poetic Misunderstanding
Pictogram Me
Sound Waves of Inner and Outer Territories
Welcome to Oslo!
Nearby Nature
Weldergeergis Tesfay Hussin Al Jassm Agyad Ajalya Qeen Samer Mokhelf Alalywy Kaleb Teshome Mahmoud...
Untitled (Bonnie), Untitled (Found Leftovers from coated Objects), Untitled (Station)
One Hour - Twentyfour Times
Spaces for Life
Rhythms of Presence
How Can the Potential of Aggression Be Explored Through Design?
Expression of a Calculated Motion
Topographies of the Obsolete
(Un-) settling Sites and Styles: Performers in Search of New Expressive Means
Framing Invisible Things
Wearing the Fog
Motivating a Love of Reading
Det renn ei elv gjennom huset
Creating a Set of Playful Seats for Public Spaces
CCFT – Creative Centre for Fluid Territories: People, Places, Processes
NW1 1QE (1-4)
Hr. Metikken
The Creation of a Critical Tool
The Human Grasshopper / Untitled (with text) / Lemons / Untitled / Untitled / The Boy who had two Moms
Pieces in Variation
Wheels Within Wheels
Made in Public
The World is Becoming so Accurate
Fleksi - The Flexible Extra Room
How to Be a Gentle Complainer in Your Urban Environment
One Side After Another
Better Together
DARK: The Kizomba Room with DJ Meegs, LIGHT: She Only Knows How to Follow
Rubicon Motus
The Essence of Rock & Roll
Blister on my east foot
Rendering the Useless
Getting Lost in the Woods
Untitled (Greyscale 1 + 2), Untitled (Red- Bluegreen)1,2,3, Spontan 1,2,3
Messy Times
I have a Cow on the Sky that I don't see the Milk
Simone Zaccagnini
In a Place Like This