Andri Schärli

MA in Music Performance or Composition 2019


Andri Schärli is a swiss saxophonist and ­clarinetist from Lucerne, Switzerland and seeks the other kind on this instrument, which goes beyond genre boundaries. Regardless of whether it is related to free improvisation and art (collective Pinselswing, Ramsch), as a session musician for pop projects in the studio and on stage (Al Pride, Kummberbuben, Open Mind Collective, Verona 3000, Musical Fever) or in classical formations (Big Band of Lucerne University, appearances with David Liebman, Ohad Thalmor, Dan Weiss, Lars Møller at the KKL or the Unerhört Festival Zurich): Schärli is very interested in everything.

In order to bring the necessary equipment for this search to the best possible level, Andri Schärli finished his Bachelor degree in Music at the Lucerne School of Music, with a focus on jazz performance and is now completing his master’s degree at the Grieg Academy in Bergen, Norway.

He takes time in free phases to find his own sound, with influences from Colin Stetson, Hanna Paulsberg, Dayna Stephens and Matthias Eick. Of course, in a very special way, according to his band name: The Andri Art (Bionic City;LP)

He will play his final master concert with his Bergen founded project named Cort Piil. This group combines modern Jazzfolk with free mprovisation and memorable melodies, creating beautiful stories with their musical craft and drive to generate a special listening experience. Their original compositions are all written by Andri Schärli and promise a diverse evening to send your emotions on a journey.


Master concert, Scene USF, Nattjazz 27 May