Arbeider og produksjoner

Beyond the Horizon, Expanding Sun, Infrastructure, Negative Space
Verda er blitt så nøyaktig
Oh Sweet Liberty I Ate Thou All
Untitled (Greyscale 1 + 2), Untitled (Red- Bluegreen)1,2,3, Spontan 1,2,3
Rendering the Useless
Å motivere til leselyst
Å skape et kritisk verktøy
Expression of a Calculated Motion
Master Concert: Leonard Lindweld
False step, an Anticipation
Studio USF / Nattjazz: Master Concert: Meidell, Hegg-Lunde & Eide
Rom for liv
Hvordan være en mild klager i ditt bymiljø?
Simone Zaccagnini
Pieces in Variation
Tracing the Discarded in Lines and Layers
Det renn ei elv gjennom huset
Essensen av rock & roll
Master Concert: Knut-Martin Rasmussen on gitar.
Rubicon Motus
Rhythms of Presence
I Promised You the Sea
Jeg er staten
Master Concert: Eirin Bjerkomp Soelberg plays Ravel on piano.
Bedre sammen
Topographies of the Obsolete
Hr. Metikken
In a Place Like This
Do Walls Blush?
Wearing the Fog
The Actual versus the Potential (to separate between the you and the other, to not separate between the you and the other)
Fleksi-det fleksible ekstrarommet
Rejected Extracts: A Survey of Layered Impracticality
Blister on my east foot
Made in Public
Framing Invisible Things
Wheels Within Wheels
All I Understand and Misunderstand
In this hole, Next to the Ladder, By the Sink
One Side After Another
The Reef that Holds Us Now
CSL / CSR (2017)
One Hour - Twentyfour Times
Å skape lekne sitteplasser for det offentlige rom
Untitled (Bonnie), Untitled (Found Leftovers from coated Objects), Untitled (Station)
(Un-) settling Sites and Styles: Performers in Search of New Expressive Means
Sound Waves of Inner and Outer Territories
A Shadow is a Lost Lover
Closing the Eyes to see That Which the Retina Refuses to Acknowledge
Velkommen til Oslo!
The Human Grasshopper / Untitled (with text) / Lemons / Untitled / Untitled / The Boy who had two Moms
The Gravity of a Lake Focused into One Point
Portfolio of Dandelion
Red Bench
Exotic Dreams and Poetic Misunderstanding
NW1 1QE (1-4)
Weldergeergis Tesfay Hussin Al Jassm Agyad Ajalya Qeen Samer Mokhelf Alalywy Kaleb Teshome Mahmoud...
Pictogram Me
DARK: The Kizomba Room with DJ Meegs, LIGHT: She Only Knows How to Follow
The Gravity of a Lake Focused into One Point
Kva er potensialet i aggresjon?
Creative Centre for Fluid Territories
Untitled [ten meter forest]
Alt som er ute er også inne
I have a Cow on the Sky that I don't see the Milk
When drops of syrup form hard brittle threads in cold water
A Dancer's Territory
Paper Man - Scenes of Fragility
Å gå seg vill i skogen
Preponderance of Leavings
Severity of Heading North
Messy Times