Arbeider og produksjoner

Cold & Salty
We ask that you take this path and not to stop until you have passed the horizon
Sauna //  Portrait of a soldier waiting for his wounds to heal  // Portrait of a soldier and his wife drinking coffee
The Garden
When drops of syrup form hard brittle threads in cold water
A meadow in the sky / Sunrocks / It’s not a stage
Alt som er ute er også inne
Leaning, bracing
A Shadow is a Lost Lover
Portfolio of Dandelion
Tra la la
Valeur limite
Jag har gjort bort mig
Peradam II
The Multiviewer
O change you are all I have, 2023
Touched by Air
CooperatIon / Trigger
The Heart of the Matter
Either / Or
Knutekoller (series)
Oh Sweet Liberty I Ate Thou All
Tears from the Concrete Cloud
An Installation of paintings: My Body is Not Here With Me, Lone Star, Shy but Curious, Use to be red, Into the Substrate, Deep Crypt Affection, Transmission Lines and Porcelain Beads
Welcome / Growing together / We have nothing to hide / Untitled (360 Rocking Horse)
Improvise, adapt, overcome
CSL / CSR (2017)
Anatomy of Restlessness
Mother, land and Motherland
A Dancer's Territory
Then the healing comes
Do Walls Blush?
The Talk
I Promised You the Sea
som noe bærer og annet brister
You Are My Northern Lights / It’s not a stage (collab)
Ad Astra
Unforeseen Changes Unforeseen Changes II
Stuff I blame you for / Dicks
Kertyschoo! / MAYPOLE / The wood outside de garden
One of the Secret Pigeon Nests
Preponderance of Leavings
The descriptions of the photographic chemicals
Rehearsal for the future
accepting myself
The Gravity of a Lake Focused into One Point
You know this isn't going to end well because every time I feel good, I think it's going to last forever / Call something into existence
The Actual versus the Potential (to separate between the you and the other, to not separate between the you and the other)
Care Currency
In this hole, Next to the Ladder, By the Sink
Memory Lake is a Source of Conflict (waste composition 3)
Rejected Extracts: A Survey of Layered Impracticality
Next Time We Meet on Broadway
The Red Stone
Still Forming
Plastiglomerat, Følge, Utopi, Soria Moria, Los
Det bærende blir også båret
Becoming, Irrelevant Mapping (separate verk)
Spacious Feelings
13 000 sheets of paper
Garden of symbols
All I Understand and Misunderstand
Erode into Embrace
Your logic hurts against my skin
Cold & Salty
Dawn Sunset, Growth, Self Projection
Closing the Eyes to see That Which the Retina Refuses to Acknowledge
reverberating, recalibrating
Det som var rett, er nå foldet over. Brettene skal knake. Hender skjelver, sort under neglene
Blood & I
Lille Lungegårdsvann, Vågen
The Reef that Holds Us Now
Encyclopedia of life forms and other phenomena in the Internet
The Grave Project (in collaboration with Jess Miley)
Severity of Heading North
En plats likt ingen annan
Freshly cut glass
One Day the Sea
how we scare each other into hate
Constant Craving
Most Familiar Strangers
I stare more at my Samsung
The Darkness and Deep
Call a Spade a Spade
Tracing the Discarded in Lines and Layers
FIRST FLUSH (Homage Günther Förg + Barnett Newman + Agnes Martin + Sol Lewitte + Sean Scully + Helen Frankenthaler (Yves Klein + Hilma af Klint)
Untitled from the project Metamorphosis
Ali series
E3020, The Idle
Cyanotypes of plastic on translucent paper
So you see
Cow bells outside the tree house
I carry my mother, her influences and their mothers’ / Stack of Chinas
The Clearing
Where have all the flowers gone Young girls have picked them everyone
Night Walk
No Sign Should Remain Inert
I sent flowers to everyone who ghosted me
The Water Ensemble / Cover Me From Head To Toe Copper and silk
You just pretend to be human
Life Forces
Everything is attached to work, money, health and the homes we live in
Crew Deck
Light for coloring space – Light structure I, A tribute to my primary colors – Tribute to orange
It  all started because we wanted a beginning
Structures of Support / Mallea- ble Bodies / Leaning Exercise 2-4
Psykisk syge æg (Mental Eggs) / Omsorg og Begær (Care and Lust) / Spor efter en situation med en blæksprutte I & II (Traces of a situation with an octopus I & II)
Rhythms of Presence
Beyond the Horizon, Expanding Sun, Infrastructure, Negative Space
Haruka Fukao  A ceremony from a planet I went someday
Becoming Different With Every Repetition
The Final Dissolution, Hope, Summer Dream
Robin Everett_3(602395008000)—11.12.17 - 08.02.18
The Yes Weekend
 It’s Not You, It’s Me
Happenstance no. 1-7
The Sands of Blue Tears
The Bjerknes Experiment
Meus Caros Amigos – Part II
Left Behind
We have never been here-vi har aldri vært her
Practicing life
Red Bench
Can you hear what I think while I read as I speak?
I Seem to Live
The Invention of Landscape  // Garden of England (Seasonal Labour)  // Marginalia
Gathering Around the Ashes of a Fallen Order
Hybridia I, II & III
Om jag går riktigt långsamt känner jag min själ
Untitled (mirror choreography)
Dubble Rainbow, Husmatta-CarpetHouse (separate verk)
Paper Man - Scenes of Fragility
To Interfere
Three trees make a forrest
Landscape of Numinous Events
Dybdeavspenning, Stjernebarn, Trommereise, Sjelevandring
Inside the Box
Water walks: Kjære Svartediket / Water Walks
Merenkehto (The cradle of the ocean)
Den forsømte Ø
Get down on it - Joy and pain
Untitled [ten meter forest]
Multi Kolore
The Vampy Villains / Handwoven digital jacquards /Q4R3C0R<3 / Title: It’s not a stage
A State of Readiness -  The Anti-Terror Album
Suddenly, you complete me