Arbeider og produksjoner

Practicing life
Suddenly, you complete me
When drops of syrup form hard brittle threads in cold water
All I Understand and Misunderstand
Closing the Eyes to see That Which the Retina Refuses to Acknowledge
Hybridia I, II & III
Tra la la
The Grave Project (in collaboration with Jess Miley)
Cold & Salty
Severity of Heading North
The Bjerknes Experiment
In this hole, Next to the Ladder, By the Sink
Untitled [ten meter forest]
Preponderance of Leavings
Freshly cut glass
Leaning, bracing
A Shadow is a Lost Lover
Your logic hurts against my skin
Sauna //  Portrait of a soldier waiting for his wounds to heal  // Portrait of a soldier and his wife drinking coffee
Life Forces
To Interfere
13 000 sheets of paper
So you see
Verda er blitt så nøyaktig
Practicing life
The Human Grasshopper / Untitled (with text) / Lemons / Untitled / Untitled / The Boy who had two Moms
Get down on it - Joy and pain
Rendering the Useless
Unforeseen Changes Unforeseen Changes II
Becoming, Irrelevant Mapping (separate verk)
A Dancer's Territory
Untitled from the project Metamorphosis
Jag har gjort bort mig
Dawn Sunset, Growth, Self Projection
DARK: The Kizomba Room with DJ Meegs, LIGHT: She Only Knows How to Follow
Beyond the Horizon, Expanding Sun, Infrastructure, Negative Space
Robin Everett_3(602395008000)—11.12.17 - 08.02.18
Lille Lungegårdsvann, Vågen
One Side After Another
Touched by Air
Blood & I
Dybdeavspenning, Stjernebarn, Trommereise, Sjelevandring
Om jag går riktigt långsamt känner jag min själ
Still Forming
We have never been here-vi har aldri vært her
We ask that you take this path and not to stop until you have passed the horizon
En plats likt ingen annan
I Seem to Live
Tracing the Discarded in Lines and Layers
Cow bells outside the tree house
Haruka Fukao  A ceremony from a planet I went someday
Red Bench
Plastiglomerat, Følge, Utopi, Soria Moria, Los
The Invention of Landscape  // Garden of England (Seasonal Labour)  // Marginalia
Dubble Rainbow, Husmatta-CarpetHouse (separate verk)
The Actual versus the Potential (to separate between the you and the other, to not separate between the you and the other)
Paper Man - Scenes of Fragility
Inside the Box
Wearing the Fog
Peradam II
Expression of a Calculated Motion
Everything is attached to work, money, health and the homes we live in
Weldergeergis Tesfay Hussin Al Jassm Agyad Ajalya Qeen Samer Mokhelf Alalywy Kaleb Teshome Mahmoud...
Light for coloring space – Light structure I, A tribute to my primary colors – Tribute to orange
A State of Readiness -  The Anti-Terror Album
Do Walls Blush?
One Hour - Twentyfour Times
Anatomy of Restlessness
I have a Cow on the Sky that I don't see the Milk
The Final Dissolution, Hope, Summer Dream
Pieces in Variation
Blister on my east foot
Improvise, adapt, overcome
Either / Or
Portfolio of Dandelion
The Yes Weekend
The Multiviewer
Untitled (Greyscale 1 + 2), Untitled (Red- Bluegreen)1,2,3, Spontan 1,2,3
Multi Kolore
The Gravity of a Lake Focused into One Point
Cyanotypes of plastic on translucent paper
how we scare each other into hate
Valeur limite
Den forsømte Ø
The Garden
Left Behind
Sound Waves of Inner and Outer Territories
I stare more at my Samsung
Ali series
Simone Zaccagnini
Det renn ei elv gjennom huset
Framing Invisible Things
E3020, The Idle
Can you hear what I think while I read as I speak?
Rhythms of Presence
Encyclopedia of life forms and other phenomena in the Internet
Alt som er ute er også inne
Night Walk
The Clearing
You just pretend to be human
Meus Caros Amigos – Part II
One Day the Sea
Messy Times
The Reef that Holds Us Now
Untitled (Bonnie), Untitled (Found Leftovers from coated Objects), Untitled (Station)
Mother, land and Motherland
CSL / CSR (2017)
Rejected Extracts: A Survey of Layered Impracticality
Tears from the Concrete Cloud
Crew Deck
NW1 1QE (1-4)
Untitled (mirror choreography)
The Darkness and Deep
Memory Lake is a Source of Conflict (waste composition 3)
Oh Sweet Liberty I Ate Thou All
I Promised You the Sea
Exotic Dreams and Poetic Misunderstanding
No Sign Should Remain Inert