Welcome to a new generation of designers

The Master's Design Exhibition 2018 at the Department of Design, UiB opens on Friday 4th May at 18:00.

This is the thirteenth time The Master's Design Exhibition is held, but it is the first time it is presented in the new building at the Faculty of Art, Music and Design in Møllendalsveien 61.

In this year's exhibition, the audience meets 21 unique designers who address in their own way the current theme that reflects the time we live in. After two years of master's studies, they are ready to show innovative, experimental and visually strong design solutions that have been thoroughly investigated by themes and materials they are passionate about.

The student projects show how design with a slant can create room for reflection and solve challenges related to environmental mathematics, new digital contexts, humanity, psychological challenges, identity and urban space quality.


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Opening date:

Fri. 04.05: 18:00 - 20:00

Opening hours:

05.05/13.05: 14:00 - 18:00

Special thanks to:
+ Ultra
Ashley Booth
Bente Irminger
Charles Michalsen
Derya Güngör 
Dora Ísleifsdóttir
Einar Wig
Eli –Kirstin Eide
Erik (Writing Teacher) 
Fredrik Salhus 
Geir Goosen
Guri Giæver
Gustav Kvaal
Hilde Kramer
Inga Fløystad Ellingsgård
Ingrid Rundberg
Jennifer Cena 
Kate Madsen
Lena Mari Skjoldal Kolås
Mette L’orange
Mona Larsen 
Morten William Knudsen
Odd Melseth
Petter Bergerud
Siv Lier
Steinar Hindenes
Stig Roar
Svein Orrebakken
Svein Petter Knudsen 
Thanee Rene Andino
Torkell Berntsen 
Trine Louise Ween
Øivind Eide
Åse Huus
Allegro Språktjenester
Photos taken by: Marius Eriksen