“It all started a year ago.”
“A friend recommended I start working from my home with a simple software system – she was making more than $10,000 per month with it”, Vanessa explains.
“I tried to make money online before, but wasn’t very successful – I was filling online surveys, giving reviews, but I didn’t make enough and there were always delays with my payments”, says the mother.
“This system, however, is working! I have all the time in the world for Sabrina. It is very important for us to spend time together.”
“I only need to work 3 hours every day and I make enough money to live a decent life.”
“It is absolutely amazing, I can’t believe this was possible. I feel so lucky to have this financial freedom and now I care about the important things in my life only - Sabrina”, shares Vanessa.
When asked how much does she earn with this system, Vanessa replies with a big smile: “More than enough!”

Welcome to How to Make Money, Chapter 1
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