When something is to be truly celebrated in this coastal country of the north, the proper way is to present an overwhelming amount of cake in a self serve cake buffet. This table of cakes is an institution on its own: a long table extending from one end of a room to the other, filled with traditional cakes and pastry. A key element is quantity.

These cakes are made just like your grandmother made them.
They should be made with real ingredients: with real love.
The table of cakes is culture, tradition and celebration.

It's authentic, it’s grandiose and it’s calorie-dense. It’s for special occasions, and for quality time with your loved ones.

As the opening show of the JOY FORUM is a very special occasion, we want all our loved ones to celebrate with us.

This is our invitation to you.

Cake will be served.


Joy Forum will be open for visitors friday and saturday during the building's regular opening hours, all cakes available for eating.

Project initiated and curated by Marie Vallestad.