After two years of hard work, the students are ready to show their master projects. Discover a new generation of designers.

More about all the projects on the Exhibition homepage.

4 - 13 May
Opening Friday 4 May 18.00 - 20.00
Opening hours 11.00 - 16.00

Participating designers:
Sheng Chen, Anna K. Fiskerstrand, Karina B. Johansen, Abey Thomas Joy, Catrine Kooyman Krogseth, Joe Leiner, Ichih Lu, Camille Mathilde Rogien, Huma Zahid, Benedicte Dahl, Iselin L. Dubland, Susanne Notøy, Maria L. Ekeland, Gard F. Rorgemoen, Bin Hua, Lasse T. Husabø, Hanne Marthe A. Kommedal, Orhan Ercan, Thomas R. Sivertsen, Caroline Smedvig, Ane Cesilie Vemøy, Frida Yggeseth