PhD positions at KMD

The candidates are employed at the departments, or at institutions KMD collaborates with, and are then admitted to the faculty's program for artistic research. As the faculties at UiB do not have the option of having more than one PhD programme, a cooperation agreement has been arranged with the Faculty of Humanities (HF) regarding admission to their program for scientific PhD candidates at the Grieg Academy.
The PhD positions are normally for a term of four years, with 25% compulsory work. The compulsory work can be in the form of teaching, examination work or supervision, depending on the needs of the department.

Normally, it will be the case that a prerequisite for admission to the program is employment in a PhD position at KMD or an institution with which the faculty collaborates. There is no opportunity to apply for admission on the basis of own/private funding. New PhD positions are advertised continuously on the vacant positions page at UiB.

Image above:  Fra ph.d.-kandidat Ingrid Runeberg sin midtveisutstilling Indre politiske landskap



Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design:
Søren Thilo Funder (KU, fine art): dispositioned 2023
Sveinung Rudjord Unneland  (KU, fine art): dispositioned 2023
Tijs Ham (KU, music): dispositioned 2023
Natalya Pasichnyk (KU, music): dispositioned 2023
Pauliina Pöllänen (KU, fine art): dispositioned 2023
Guro Parr Klyve, (music therapy, academic PhD): dispositioned 2023
Tora Söderström Gaden, (music, academic PhD): dispositioned 2023
Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa (KU, fine art) passed away in 2023
Erik Friis Reitan (KU, fine art): dispositioned 2022
Åsmund Espeland (music, academic PhD): dispositioned 2022
Juliane Zelwies  (KU, fine art): dispositioned 2022
Thorolf Thuestad (KU, music): dispositioned 2022
Craig Wells (KU, music): dispositioned 2022
Kjetil Møster (KU, music): dispositioned 2021
Sabine Popp (KU, fine art): dispositioned 2021
Fredrik Rysjedal (design): dispositioned 2019
Tine Grieg Viig, (music, academic PhD): 2018
Ingrid E. Hagen  (KU, music): dispositioned 2018
Albert Cheng-Syun Tang (design) dispositioned 2017
Hildur Bjarnadóttir (fine art): dispositioned 2017
Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec (fine art): dispositioned 2017 

The previous Bergen Academy of Art and Design (all Artistic Research):

Michelle Teran (fine art): dispositioned 2016
Ellen Røed (fine art): dispositioned 2014
Patrik Entian (fine art): dispositioned 2014
Pedro Gómez-Egaña (fine art): dispositioned 2012
Kjell Rylander (fine art): dispositioned 2012
Linda Lien (design): dispositioned 2011  
Caroline Slotte (fine art): dispositioned 2011
Trond Lossius (fine art): dispositioned 2007

The Grieg Academy – Department of Music (pre-KMD):

Else Olsen Storesund - dispositioned 2016 (KU)
Anna Helle-Valle - dispositioned 2016 (Ph.d.)
Annabel Balean Guaita - dispositioned 2015 (KU)
Ruben Sverre Gjertsen - dispositioned 2014 (KU)
Lars Tuastad - dispositioned 2014 (Ph.d.)
Hans Petter Solli - dispositioned 2014 (Ph.d.)
Silje Valde Onsrud - dispositioned 2013 (Ph.d.)
Nicholas Ssempijja - dispositioned 2012 (Ph.d.)
Viggo Krüger - dispositioned 2012 (Ph.d.)
Audun Myskja - dispositioned 2012 (Ph.d.)
Tunca Arican - dispositioned 2011 (Ph.d.)
Jostein Gundersen - dispositioned 2010 (KU)
Per Åsmund Omholt - dispositioned 2009 (Ph.d.)