Chloe Lewis given status as Excellent Teaching Practitioner

On June 13, Associate Professor Chloe Lewis was awarded the status of Excellent Teaching Practitioner (FUND) by the faculty board, a recognition given to teachers who stand out through their dedicated and purposeful work to raise educational standards and to promote a culture of collaboration in teaching.

Published: by Gard Andreas Frantzsen. Image (above): Associate Professor Chloe Lewis is directing a reading-performance at Skiens kunstforening, 2024. Updated:

The prestigious certification that Chloe Lewis has received comes with an annual salary increase of 50,000 NOK based on a full-time position. The announcement for 2024 was distributed to all employees before Christmas in 2023, with an application deadline set for mid-March, and a committee appointed by the faculty board has evaluated the applications. At the deadline, the faculty had received applications from academic staff at all three departments.

Through her commitment, Lewis has demonstrated a comprehensive and ethical approach to teaching. Her willingness to collaborate and dedication have helped to enhance the quality of teaching at both the Art Academy and KMD. The committee highly appreciates her active participation in international networks and her ability to integrate this experience into teaching. These qualities stood out in her application compared to the other candidates. Despite a relatively short period of employment at the institution, she has evidently developed her teaching methods.

In the jury's recommendation, they write that "Chloe Lewis's work appears very much to be future-oriented with a distinct research approach to teaching, and the committee sees a clear potential for her competence and teaching practice to become a resource for the entire faculty." 

Lewis herself is very pleased with the new status:

– I am delighted and honored to be awarded the status as KMD's 2023/24 Excellent Teaching Practitioner. Much like the discursive model that shapes my studio practice, my approach to pedagogy is underpinned by collaboration, research, and experimentation. My ambition as a teacher is to create an environment that provides students with the greatest opportunity to extract relationships from that which they observe, articulate and share their thoughts and ideas, and fundamentally translate their discoveries into meaningful works. As higher educating continues to face new urgencies and challenges, I am committed to finding new and innovative approaches to pedagogy that operate meaningfully both inside and outside of academic settings, remain sensitive to the wellbeing of the community, and address pivotal questions facing the field.

Lewis & Taggart: Books and Doors (2024). Exhibition at Skiens kunstforening, Norway

(Lewis & Taggart is an artist duo comprising Chloe Lewis and Andrew Taggart)