Browse through works and productions by former MA students as well as the Faculty's artistic research at the Departments of contemporary art, music and design.

Kertyschoo! / MAYPOLE / The wood outside de garden
Standardised Personalisation in Dorm Rooms
So you see
Cow bells outside the tree house

About the Faculty of Fine Art,
Music and Design

The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD) offers BA, MA and PhD programmes based on an internationally recognised level of artistic research.  
We educate future artists, designers, performing musicians, composers, music therapists, musicologists, curators, and music and art teachers.

The faculty consists of about 700 students and 190 employees, of which approx. 130 are academics. Academic activities are organised across three departments with a joint administration: Fine Art, Music, and Design. The departments have research fellows who are affiliated with one of UiB's PhD programmes - either the new artistic programme or the scientific. 








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